What it’s like graduating from uni

2018 CSU graduation ceremonies

Getting into uni is awesome. And graduating from uni – well that’s the ultimate! When you study with Charles Sturt University (CSU) online, at one of our campuses or study centres, when you graduate you will be celebrating an amazing milestone as one of Australia’s most employable graduates.

It’s a time to enjoy the here and now, but our grads are always looking ahead – and thinking about the possibilities the future may bring.

We sat down with two CSU grads and found out what their graduation means to them – and how they plan to make their mark on the world.

Taking on a new role in marketing before graduating from uni

Glen Simmons graduated from his postgraduate creative industries degree – a Master of Creative Practice – at the CSU Wagga Wagga campus.

Glen Simmons

“I’ve just started full-time in a sales and marketing role in Cootamundra. I plan to utilise the creative skills that I obtained from CSU in order to excel within this new area of expertise. There is a chance I may also apply for some casual academic positions at CSU. Plus, I plan on seeing the world with my new-found freedom!”

Graduating from CSU meant a lot to Glen – and the connections he made while living in regional Australia will stay with him forever.

“[Graduating from CSU means] that I’ll be leaving with a large network of professional contacts that I can definitely call upon in the future. CSU allowed me to study within the familiar surroundings of rural and regional Australia. The memories that I will take from my experiences of living on campus will certainly be some of those I will never forget.”

After graduating from uni I’m starting work with the RSPCA

Sara Davey studied the Bachelor of Animal Science and graduated with Honours. She’s just landed her dream job working for the RSPCA next year.

Sara Davey

When asked how it feels to finally graduate, Sara said it was an exciting time.

“It’s relieving because I’ve put four years of hard work into my degree – and it’s finally paying off. Graduating from CSU has really set me up for life after uni. I’ve got a full-time job in the field I’m interested in, and I think that was seriously helped by being a CSU grad. CSU has a reputation for producing students who have the knowledge and experience before they enter the workforce.”

And what does the future hold for Sara?

“I want to look into doing PhD and working with animals in Africa. Career wise I’d eventually like to focus myself in either zoo welfare or ecotourism.”

Are you ready to take your next step?

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