5 reasons to go to university (besides boosting your career prospects)

Getting a university degree can certainly put you ahead of the game in terms of career prospects.

You learn advanced, contemporary knowledge and the latest practical skills in your area of interest, building your expertise to hit the ground running while ensuring you’re an adaptive problem-solver.

University also helps you to build a professional network of academics and industry leaders who will connect you to exciting career prospects.

At uni you’ll develop those sought-after skills that will enable you to take the lead in a wide range of employment situations and workplaces. And the chances are that you will earn more money over your working life than if you don’t get a degree.

That’s some game-changing stuff, but it’s not the whole story.

Uni isn’t just about getting a job. It’s about finding your feet. It’s about giving you the freedom to become you. Uni is about getting you ready to make your mark on this world.

Here are five reasons why uni might just change your life.

1. The power to do what you love

 A survey conducted by Times Higher Education found that the most frequently cited reason students gave for going to university – higher even than helping to pursue a particular career – is because:

  • I am passionate about the subject I study.

University is where you get to dive deep into a subject that fires your imagination. Whether it’s DNA analysis, social policy, ancient philosophy or surgery on zoo animals (or indeed anything else). Going to university gives you the chance to gain an intensive understanding of the foundational aspects of your subject as well as a unique insight into contemporary knowledge.

And you get taught by leading academics in your discipline.

2. You’ll make friends for life

Some things are a cliché because they’re true. One of them is that you will make friends for life at university.

And why wouldn’t you? You’re studying alongside people who share a passion for discovery. You will meet people who are driven by the same desire to learn and innovate as you. You are also all in the same boat together, adapting to the demands of undertaking university study for the first time, and navigating a whole new world.

They are also there to lean on when you need to vent about that exam you thought you prepped so well for but it turns out maybe not.

Shared passion, shared experiences and an understanding of what you are going through – that’s a pretty good recipe for making friends. Plus, Charles Sturt University organises loads of social events – from balls and movie nights to online hangouts and outreach get-togethers – so you can relax with your new buddies too.

One of the best things about your uni friends is that they also become an instant professional network. You’ll all be plugged into the latest developments in your chosen industry and, when you graduate, will know where the action is. Your university peers become your friends and could become your colleagues as well.

3. You gain true independence

Uni is likely to be the first time you’ll have to manage, you know, all the ‘life stuff’. It might be the first time you’ve lived away from home. Or your first time managing loans and payments. Or doing your own washing.

University really encourages independence. It allows you to strike out on your own and to build confidence in your own ideas. You get the freedom to become you.

4. Skills for all occasions

Confidence is one of a range of skills promoted by university study. While not as obviously related to your field of study, this will have a major impact on many areas of your life.

Critical thinking skills. The ability to communicate effectively. Problem-solving abilities. Entrepreneurship – a sense that you can go and make things happen.

All of these are essential skills for life, and are actively developed at university. These are just as useful when making big life choices as they are when you’re in a workplace.

5. A world of opportunities

University is all about broadening your horizons, and Charles Sturt can literally put the world at your feet.

Besides getting the advanced skills to be able to apply for jobs across Australia or internationally when you graduate, while you’re at university you could take up the opportunities for an overseas experience.

Programs like CSU Global give you access to a multitude of different experiences, in lots of different countries.

  • You could study abroad for a session.
  • You could take a research trip in the holidays.
  • You could go overseas to volunteer.

There are so many opportunities – and Charles Sturt University has the partnerships, support and, potentially, the financial assistance you need to make it happen.

All this and enhancing your career prospects? That’s university for you.