5 Spotify playlists to get you pumped for uni

Congrats! You’ve completed 13 years of schooling, aced your exams (fingers crossed) and received an offer from Charles Sturt University for next year. Time to celebrate!

We’ve done you a solid and found five killer playlists to get you ready for your first session of uni. Enjoy!

Big summer hits

Featuring the best of Aussie and international artists, this is your go-to playlist for summer bangers. Blast this for feel-good vibes while you’re tackling tedious tasks, like packing (eugh) to move on campus (yay!).

Triple J hitlist

You can find the newest (and best) music hitting our airwaves on Australia’s dedicated youth radio station, Triple J. Listening in will also give you the jump when the annual Hottest 100 rolls around.

Pump-up tunes

About to tackle a big exam, presentation or first date? Feast your ears on the musical equivalent of a pump-up speech. Give yourself an extra dose of boldness and walk in like you own the place. It’s a bit rap-heavy, but hey, rap and self-confidence go hand-in-hand.

Chill out

Starting uni is an exciting (and sometimes stressful) time, but don’t get overwhelmed! Take some time to chill out and woosah. Once uni has started, use this playlist (and these study tips) to get focused and into study mode.

Old-school hip hop

Nothing beats an old-school hip hop playlist. Always a crowd-pleaser and oh so versatile. Whether you’re getting pumped for a night out with your mates or just want to relive the glory days of your formative years, this playlist has got you covered.

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