CSU enhances its postgraduate teaching and education courses

CSU enhances its postgraduate teaching and education courses

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is taking its postgraduate teaching and education courses to new heights after recent comprehensive reviews across the suite of courses.

Designed for qualified education professionals to take their learning and skills further, CSU’s postgraduate courses are offered online by the School of Education and School of Teacher Education. These courses also provide opportunities to develop leadership and practitioner research capabilities.

Dr Brendon Hyndman, a senior lecturer and course director in the CSU Faculty of Arts and Education, said the updates are exciting for those in the education profession.

“In addition to providing flexible online study opportunities for busy education professionals, these recent course reviews ensure there are even more study pathways available to meet their professional needs,” Dr Hyndman said.

“Some of the exciting updates in 2019 include providing new specialisation pathways in master’s study for those seeking to explore early childhood leadership alongside the crucial teaching area of curriculum and professional practice.”

“The context of early childhood education continues to change and is becoming increasingly multifaceted. The sector requires early childhood teachers to access new opportunities to build upon their professional knowledge base with ongoing learning and development.”

Course reviews are conducted at CSU every five years and involve widespread consultation with professionals from across the education sector. Dr Hyndman acknowledges the process is vital to ensure the courses remain contemporary and relevant while continuing to meet the emerging needs of education professionals.

“When considering the different pathways available within the suite of postgraduate education courses, there are almost 30 different ‘specialised’ options that education professionals can gain advanced qualifications in,” Dr Hyndman said. “These include a range of graduate certificate qualification options that students can specialise in that are just half a master’s degree.”

“We also have a new master’s course in how to deliver online and distance education, revamped research pathways to increase students’ preparation for PhD studies, and a raft of new digital subject options to launch a new digital technology specialisation in 2019.”

CSU has a long history of providing leading postgraduate education opportunities as a key admissions pathway for those who have completed their undergraduate teaching studies.

“In order to become a leader in schools these days, there is an expectation that school leaders have at least a master’s level qualification,” Dr Hyndman said. “The master’s courses can allow teachers to reflect on themselves and the profession in order to start considering the next steps to advance their careers.”

One example is the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership’s national education certification to recognise highly accomplished and lead teachers. Reflective study opportunities in the postgraduate education courses can help school leaders showcase their authentic teaching roles where they teach students over a period of time.

“The postgraduate courses are not only set up as a pathway for graduates from Charles Sturt University’s teaching, early childhood and vocational education courses,” Dr Hyndman said. “These courses are attracting students from all parts of the world.”

Other study areas for education professionals include leadership, contemporary literacies, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), inclusive education and international school leadership.

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