How to get into university (hint: there’s more than one pathway)

A person standing in front of three arrows.

Having a plan for life after high school is a great idea. If you have your heart set on getting into uni, it’s likely that you’ll be aiming to achieve a certain ATAR.

BUT, If you don’t get the ATAR you’re hoping for – it’s not the end of the world!

Um… what happens if your plan doesn’t work?

You didn’t get the mark you hoped for in your final year exams.

You didn’t meet the entry criteria for the course you had your sights set on.

Life got messy and your plan to go to uni got crushed.

It’s okay. You just make a plan B.

There’s more than one way to get into uni, and they’re not all based on your ATAR.

Charles Sturt University’s pathway programs can get you on track towards achieving your dream job. Here are some alternative pathways to study with us.

Talk to one of our super-friendly student advisors

One of the easiest ways to get your life sorted is to talk to someone. Our student advisors spend all day, every day, talking to future students about how, what, where, when and why. They’re pros at knowing what will work for your particular circumstances and how to get you to your dream career.

In your free one-on-one meeting you’ll discover the right course for you, how to apply, your pathway options and all the support we can give you. They can even help you in person, over the phone or via Skype. Book an appointment and get started.

Missed the entry criteria?

Our Diploma of General Studies is the way to go. This diploma allows you to study some Charles Sturt University bachelor’s level subjects, giving you a solid foundation in uni studies. It also gives you guaranteed entry into most of our undergraduate degrees.

Want to get started but… not quite ready yet?

Check out Charles Sturt University’s Study Link program – these short, self-paced online subjects build your skills and get you up to speed with university-level study.

Can’t decide which course?

Take a look at our range of general undergraduate degrees. They offer flexible program structures, generally have lower admission requirements and have a variety of subjects to help you determine a more specific degree pathway later on.

Try the TAFE pathway

Get started with TAFE. We have formal partnerships with many TAFE institutes in Australia, which offer Charles Sturt University courses within their institution. You’ll leave with both nationally recognised TAFE qualifications and a Charles Sturt degree. This can also be your way into transitioning fully to with us.


Not ready to commit to a full-time degree? Study single subjects of your choice to test the waters of a course area. Our single subjects are designed to fit in with your life, so you can slowly work towards a full degree, one course at a time.

Got something on your mind?

Are you feeling unsure about something else? We help thousands of students achieve their goals each year, overcoming all sorts of barriers in the process. It’s what we do.

Get in touch – we’re super-friendly and excellent problem-solvers.

Plan B, plan C, plan D…

There are so many different ways to get in to Charles Sturt University and start living your dream. You can get started today.

And guess what?

Plan B pays off. In five years’ time, no-one will remember your exam results or the pathway you took. They’ll just see you, degree in hand, kicking butt in the job you wanted.

Sounds like an awesome plan.