Job growth in the future: which career is right for me?

The future of Australia looks pretty bright. The job market is strong. According to the Australian Government, there’s likely to be around 886,000 new jobs by 2023 (which might be right around the time you’ll be finishing uni – how convenient!).

When it comes to choosing the right course – and career – for you, you’re going to want to consider things like:

  • Fulfilment – will my career allow me to feel passion and fulfilment? Will I feel like I’ve found my purpose and that I’m contributing to the greater good of society?
  • Job security – will my chosen career be around in 5-10 years’ time? Or is there a high chance my job could become obsolete and I could be replaced by a robot?
  • Finances – what will my earning capacity be like when I graduate? Will I have the financial freedom to support myself and my loved ones?

Infographic: Fulfilment + secure future + $$$ = job choice sweet spot

But just as important is job growth.

You’re after a career you’re passionate about and fulfilled by, that also feels secure, with lots of opportunities in the future, and that will provide you with financial freedom. We’re not asking for too much, right?


At Charles Sturt University, we want you to find the right path for tomorrow’s workplace. And we can help you get there. That’s why we’ve put together the key Aussie industries set to take off over the next five years – so you can give yourself a head start. So come on… let’s explore what tomorrow could look like for you.

What does the future of healthcare and social assistance look like?

As an aged or disability care professional, you can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Helping others definitely ticks the boxes when it comes to a fulfilling career. And the future growth of the aged/disability care industry? VERY high. Now’s the time to start thinking about studying our Bachelor of Human Services (with specialisations), so you can take advantage of the high demand.

Paramedics have a bright future too. You’ll provide emergency health care to others, thrive under pressure and get those feel-good vibes you get from giving back to the community. At Charles Sturt University, the Bachelor of Paramedicine sets you up for a future career that has great personal and professional growth opportunities. And it doesn’t hurt that you could be pulling in $1700 a week. How’s that for financial freedom!

Registered nurses are the backbone of our healthcare industry. And with the current strains placed on our system, like understaffing and patient wait times, it’s easy to see why nurses are in such high demand. If you’re passionate about caring for others, you could look at studying the Bachelor of Nursing with us. It’s a smart move because your job is secure, you’re making a difference to the community and you’ll earn a decent salary.

As a social worker, you’re a valued member of the healthcare industry and a force for social change in your community. You’ll use your counselling, communication and information gathering skills to solve some pretty complex social problems. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Well, our Bachelor of Social work is your first step to creating your social work future.

Will the education and training sectors see job growth too?

Surprisingly, demand for librarians is actually on the rise. Libraries are moving away from being quiet, dark places full of dusty books and finding their place in a digital world. Libraries still need to collect and manage information, but the spaces have become as much about community engagement as lending books. Our Bachelor of Information Studies will put you at the front of the job queue and could have you clearing over $1400 per week as a librarian.

There will always be a need for teachers – both primary and secondary – and we’re seeing strong and moderate growth respectively over the next five years. As a teacher of the future, you’ll need to be up with the latest classroom tech and be open to new ways of learning and teaching. There will be a huge focus on connectedness, collaboration and co-creation, moving away from the traditional concept of a teacher standing up the front of the classroom teaching the class and communicating one-way. The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) is a good place to start to position yourself at that cutting edge of teaching.

Pro tip: Interested in educating the young minds of tomorrow, but unsure if you’d prefer primary or secondary teaching? Take a look at our Bachelor of Education (K-12) and cover all your bases.

What about job growth in the professional, scientific and technical industries?

Is it your dream to join the exciting world of advertising and marketing? Well, there’s no better time than the present. There’s going to be a major increase in the need for advertising professionals and marketers, so take a look at Charles Sturt University’s Bachelor of Business (Marketing) or the Bachelor of Communication (Advertising). With us, you’ll learn all about strategic planning, research and client management, as well as the creative, media and channel comms skills needed for this industry.

Engineers are becoming increasingly sought-after too. As a civil engineering professional, you’re responsible for planning our future – literally. You’ll plan, oversee and organise the delivery of things like roads, airports, bridges and other structures, and you could be earning almost $2000 per week! Put yourself in a good position for the future and study the Bachelor of Technology (Civil Systems) / Master of Engineering (Civil Systems) with us.

There’s been a surge in demand for information technology professionals over the last decade. So, we’ve made sure that our IT degrees are optimised for tomorrow’s workforce. When you study IT with Charles Sturt University, you’re getting a hands-on education taught by industry experts – and you join the largest IT student community in Australia. From systems admin, software design and computer science to cybersecurity, cloud computing and management – an IT degree from Charles Sturt places you in the driver’s seat of your future… and the future of work.

Take control of your future – and set yourself up for a job of the future.

If you’d like to chat to one of our friendly student advisers, all you need to do is reach out. We can help you weigh up your interests, needs and options – and help you find the best course for your future.