Meet our Dream Team – 5 minutes with Bernadette Gammon (Prospective Student Adviser)

Choosing a university to study with is a big decision. At Charles Sturt University (CSU), we’ve put together a dream team of prospective student advisers to guide you on this journey. As their title suggests, their role is to provide advice about all aspects of CSU – and help you achieve your dreams. Keep an eye on Insight over the coming weeks as we introduce you to the CSU dream team.

Introducing Bernadette Gammon
(CSU Prospective Student Adviser)

Bernadette has been working as a prospective student adviser (PSA) for just over four years, starting at CSU’s Port Macquarie campus back in 2014. Bernadette loves education and has moved from teaching and consulting in primary and secondary schools to working in the tertiary sector. Working in the areas of aspiration and learning is a passion, and one she gets to do every day in this role.

1. Tell us about your role at CSU.

As a PSA, my role is to advise and support students in their quest for information and provide guidance on tertiary education. I give advice about:

  • what you can study at CSU
  • what CSU has to offer, and
  • how you can get in to CSU.

Myself and my fellow PSAs visit high schools to speak with students, attend career expos, host events on campus and meet with future students one-on-one for individual sessions.

2. What’s the best part of your job?

My favourite part of the job is the one-on-one chats with future students. It’s great to be able to make actual connections with the students and get a real understanding of their dreams and aspirations. I’m able to give really specific information about their current situation, lay out options and provide the support to help them make the best decision for them.

3. Describe CSU in three words.

Accessible, friendly, opportunities.

4. What sets CSU apart from other unis?

I think that the practical, hands-on learning experiences our students are exposed to set CSU apart from other unis. Our academic staff who have loads of industry experience is another plus. Also, the fact that we’re a smaller uni means we’re able to give our students plenty of support and there’s the added bonus of people knowing you by name.

5. If you went back to study, which degree would you pick and why?

I’m really passionate about education, mathematics and art. I already have an education degree and it would be fun to take that further. I think at this stage of my career it would be awesome to do a creative degree – perhaps living near the Port Macquarie campus it would be our Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design).

6. What’s the most common question asked by future students? And how do you respond?

I think any question asked by a future student is valid and important – there are no silly questions. There’s often questions about the ins-and-outs of uni, degrees, pathways, costs and flexibility – and these are all great questions. Many students do question their readiness to study and ask about support at CSU. It’s great to be able to share with them all the different support available – on campus or online – and give them the confidence to take the study on.

7. What is your advice to someone thinking about studying with CSU?

I’d say come and explore your options! Find out what CSU has to offer and empower yourself with information. It’s worth checking out courses, support, costs and everything else – then make your decision.

8. Where should someone start if they want to find out what to study at CSU?

If you’re looking at studying on our Port Macquarie campus, you are welcome to make an appointment to chat with me (face to face or on the phone). Book online and I’d be delighted to walk you through any questions you might have.

Otherwise, jump on the CSU website and take a look around. Get familiar with CSU and what we offer. You could also attend a CSU Explore Day, book a campus tour or reach out to the Student Recruitment team on 1800 275 278.

Talk turkey with a prospective student adviser

Want to chat with Bernadette (or one of our other prospective student advisers) about your study options at CSU? Too easy! You can book a one-on-one appointment via phone, Skype or in person at the CSU campus of your choice.