Meet our Dream Team – 5 minutes with Katie Trebley (Prospective Student Adviser)

Selecting which university to study with is a big decision. At Charles Sturt University (CSU), we’ve put together a dream team of prospective student advisers to guide you on this journey. As their title suggests, their role is to provide advice about all aspects of CSU – and help you achieve your dreams. Keep an eye on Insight over the coming weeks as we introduce you to the CSU dream team.

Introducing Katie Trebley
(CSU Prospective Student Adviser)

Katie Trebley (CSU Prospective Student Adviser).

Starting with Charles Sturt University (CSU) in 2017, Katie has cemented herself as a hard-working, enthusiastic prospective student adviser. Based at our Albury-Wodonga campus, Katie’s role combines her three loves – marketing, events and working with students.

1. Tell us about your role at CSU.

My role at CSU is awesome! I get to work with a great team of recruitment and marketing professionals, travel around the countryside and talk to people about how they are going to change their lives with education! As a prospective student adviser (PSA) I reach out to people who might be thinking about university and speak to them about their study options. We do this at special events, in schools (my favourite) and in one-on-one appointments with people at CSU.

2. What does a typical day look like for a prospective student adviser?

Every day is different, but if I’m in the office, my day goes a little like this.

9am: Once the coffee hits the system I’m ready for action!

10am: Face-to-face appointment with an awesome future student.

11am: Admin – not super fun but it has to be done.

12pm: Time to devour a sweet chilli chicken wrap from one of my fave cafés, Aromas.

1pm: Visit a local school and chat to some Year 11 legends about their future.

2.30pm: Need another coffee or I might not make it through the day.

2.45pm: Prepare for an upcoming event and manage future student appointments.

3pm: Host another face-to-face appointment to talk about how CSU can set you up for an awesome career.

3.45pm: Attend a meeting with my amazing team of fellow PSAs and legendary leader, Sonia, to talk about the big issues and discuss upcoming events and campaigns. These meetings are via phone or videoconference because the team is scattered at different CSU campuses all over New South Wales [NSW]. How cool is that?!

3. What’s the best part of your job?

The best part (hands-down) is seeing a new student at CSU that I have either met with or spoken to at a high school event. Knowing that they have applied and are now a student at CSU is a great feeling! I also love that every day is different and my role involves travelling around NSW with my awesome team by my side. A close third is the time I get to spend with high school students. I get to find out what the latest teen lingo is and they show me how to use Snapchat and WhatsApp – all while talking to them about their future.

4. What achievement are you most proud of during your time so far at CSU?

I’ve been with CSU seven months and in that time I’ve visited 30 schools around the country – I think that’s a huge achievement. I’ve also started my Master of Business, which is a big personal goal for me.

5. If you went back to study, which degree would you pick and why?

If I had my time again I would probably do law or something in the health industry – maybe podiatric medicine. Mainly because every time I’m showing future students around the CSU campuses, the labs and clinics blow me away. I can’t believe how amazing they are!

6. Describe CSU in three words.

Changes people’s lives.

7. What’s the best thing about studying at CSU?

The best thing about studying at CSU is that it’s a really supportive place to learn. You always feel supported in everything you do – every assessment, every exam, every work placement or internship. On top of that, you’re constantly gaining hands-on experience, so that’s exciting and gives you a head start on your CV! Finally, each campus feels like a family. You’re always running into people you know and everyone gets along so well.

8. What sets CSU apart from other unis?

CSU students don’t just attend CSU – they become a part of CSU.

9. What’s the most common question asked by future students? And how do you respond?

Q: What do I do if I don’t know what I want to do with my life?

A: This is totally normal. You’ll work it out. All you need to do is think about what you would love to do each and every day, then find a way for you to do that!

10. What’s the best thing about living on campus for new students?

The best thing is the new friends you make – you honestly become like family. The residential advisers are also a great help to new students. They’re always on hand to support you (no matter how big or small the issue). You’ve also got an in-built study group! If you’re struggling with an assessment or exam prep, there’s guaranteed to be another person studying your course or who has studied that subject before.

11. What CSU support service do you recommend all new students engage with?

I always recommend new students use the online learning tutorial. Once you can navigate Interact2, your life is so much easier! Another support service I highly recommend is our Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy (ALLaN) team. These guys help students develop their academic literacy and numeracy skills.

12. Which CSU Partner University would you choose to study abroad with and why?

Probably one of CSU’s two partner universities in England: the University of Chester or Nottingham Trent University. I have always wanted to travel around Europe and I have friends over there I would love to see.

13. What makes CSU’s regional campuses so special?

I think the fact that each campus has its own special ‘theme’. For example, Albury-Wodonga is focused on sustainability and health. It gives a sense of uniqueness for each campus. Personally, I think regional campuses are so much more welcoming than metro unis, where people seem to be just coming and going and not really making lasting connections.

14. Which CSU social media channel do you use the most to keep up to date with all things CSU?

I tend to look at the CSU Future Students Facebook the most, but have recently added CSU on Snapchat too (CharlesSturtUni). I think video is an awesome way to show future students what life at CSU is really like.

15. What advice do you have for people thinking about going to uni?

The ‘here goes nothing’ moment could be the beginning of everything!

Talk turkey with a Prospective Student Adviser

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