Meet CSU’s Dream Team – 5 minutes with Katy Fardell (Prospective Student Adviser)

Selecting which university to study with is a big decision. At Charles Sturt University (CSU), we’ve put together a dream team of prospective student advisers to guide you on your journey. As their title suggests, their role is to provide advice about all aspects of CSU – and help you achieve your dreams. Keep an eye on Insight over the coming weeks as we introduce you to the CSU dream team.

Introducing Katy Fardell
(CSU Prospective Student Adviser)

Katy Fardell

We sat down with Katy Fardell, Prospective Student Adviser at CSU, for a quick catch up.

After completing a double degree at CSU’s Bathurst campus, Katy went on to balance work (with CSU), family and online study over five years to gain her second degree – Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary). Now she works for us full-time! Katy knows CSU inside out and LOVES sharing her experiences with our future students.

1. Tell us about your role at CSU.

My role is a little different to the other PSAs, as I’m mainly focused on organising events for CSU – like MyDays and parent events. There’s two aspects to my job: the day-to-day planning of the events (mainly spent in the office, liaising with suppliers, employees and other stakeholders), and then managing the event on the day (interacting with students, ensuring that everything is running smoothly, etc.). It’s a great role because I get to explore my passion for event management, while also working with potential students and making a difference to their future.

2. What’s the best part of your job?

It would definitely be seeing the benefit a future student gets from attending an event I’ve organised. Although our events are always super fun and engaging, the underlying motivation is to help students to really understand their future. Whether that be pathways, courses, university life or career options – we want our future students to understand more about tertiary education and how CSU can help you achieve your goals. It’s really rewarding to feel like your job makes a difference in the world.

3. If you went back to study, which degree would you pick and why?

That’s a tough one! It changes frequently because CSU has so many fantastic courses. When I first started working here, I was given a tour of the campus and a rundown of podiatric medicine from a very passionate academic in this field. It’s always stuck in my mind as something I’d like to study.

4. What’s been your most memorable experience at CSU?

I have a combination of achievements that have made my CSU experience memorable. Completing my first degree in 2004 was definitely memorable, but I think graduating from an online course after five years of study was my proudest CSU moment. After such a long time of juggling study, family and working for CSU as well, I felt a huge sense of achievement after graduation. I’ve found CSU to be incredibly supportive and I can’t imagine studying at any other university.

5. Describe CSU in three words.

Proud, practical and accessible.

6. What sets CSU apart from other unis?

CSU has excellent learning facilities and I think the smaller class sizes provide an edge over other universities. The teaching staff are attentive and you have more access to them than at larger metro unis.

7. What’s the most common question asked by prospective students? And how do you respond?

The most common question is generally from future students doubting their capabilities. I think future students can become overwhelmed with the unknown and sometimes talk themselves out of pursuing further study. Things like, “How do I know if I’m ready?”, “What if I fail?” or “I’m not smart enough.” I always assure them that feeling unsure is normal, but their doubts shouldn’t hold them back. I also point out that CSU has so many amazing support programs in place, so you’ll always feel comfortable and supported while studying.

8. What’s your favourite CSU facility to showcase to new students and why?

Our dental science facilities in Orange are incredible. The simulation centre allows students to get hands-on experience from their first year, practicing their new skills on mannequins and mock teeth.

9. What CSU support service do you recommend all new students engage with?

I recommend Study Link to all future students. Whether you need to catch up on assumed knowledge before session starts or you’re just looking for a confidence boost to know what’s expected of you, taking on a Study Link subject can really set you up to succeed.

10. What advice do you have for international students considering studying with CSU?

CSU offers a unique experience that you can’t get from a metro uni and the chance to immerse yourself in true Australian culture.

11. Which CSU social media channel do you use the most to keep up to date with all things CSU?

The CSU Facebook page has some great stories about what’s happening at CSU and the CSU Future Students Facebook page is a helpful resource to anyone thinking about uni.

12. What advice do you have for future CSU students?

Don’t hold back. Take the leap and get involved in every opportunity that comes your way – you’ll make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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