Meet our Dream Team – 5 minutes with Melinda Negus (Prospective Student Adviser)

Choosing a university to study with is a big decision. At Charles Sturt University (CSU), we’ve put together a dream team of prospective student advisers to guide you on this journey. As their title suggests, their role is to provide advice about all aspects of CSU – and help you achieve your dreams. Keep an eye on Insight over the coming weeks as we introduce you to the CSU dream team.

Introducing Melinda Negus
(CSU Prospective Student Adviser)

Melinda has been with CSU for almost five years. Melinda began her CSU journey helping people over the phone, which is where she developed her passion for talking to future students about their study options. She moved across to the prospective student adviser (PSA) team after two years and couldn’t be happier.

1. Tell us about your role at CSU.

My role is centred on travelling around Australia, meeting students and providing guidance about studying with CSU. It’s a really exciting position to be in because you’re able to meet with future CSU students and give them a helping hand with their transition to uni. The PSA team travels throughout the regions CSU is located in, organising and hosting events that get future students excited about the possibility of studying with CSU and answering any questions they might have.

2. What does a typical day look like for a prospective student adviser?

Some of my days are filled with meetings – not regular, ‘boring’ meetings, but face-to-face meetings with future students and their families. I can have up to six meetings a day! These might be a sit-down meeting with a future student to discuss their course preferences, a campus tour or even a phone appointment. I also spend my day replying to email queries from future students. On top of the general office admin and appointments, I’m frequently on the road, touring regional high schools and meeting with future students and career advisers.

3. What’s the best part of your job?

Definitely the variety – every single day is different. Also, the people I’ve had the pleasure to meet along the way is another upside. Deciding to attend university is a really exciting time in a person’s life, so the future students I interact with have an awesome vibe around them.

4. Describe CSU in three words.

Community, supportive and fun.

5. What sets CSU apart from other unis?

I think there is a range of things that sets CSU apart from other unis. Firstly, CSU’s known for our smaller class sizes. It’s such a benefit to students because they get to know everyone in their class or tutorial really, really well. It also gives our students more one-on-one access to the teaching staff (which is always a bonus!). I also think that CSU’s community-centric vibe sets the uni above other universities.

6. What’s the most common question asked by future students? And how do you respond?

The most common question I’m asked by future students is whether I think they can handle the study load. My response is always, ‘Of course you can!’ There are so many support services available to CSU students. From our Study Link program to ongoing support from our Academic Literacy, Learning and Numeracy (ALLaN) team, as well as an assignment feedback service, you’ll always feel confident and supported while studying with us. The most important things are to not doubt your abilities and to know that you’re not alone in your study journey.

7. What’s the best thing about living on campus for new students?

Living on campus is a really exciting time for new students. It’s often the first time they’ve moved out of home or moved away from their hometown. It’s a big step! To make sure our students settle into living on res, senior students who live on campus, known as Residential Advisers (RAs), are on hand to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. The social aspect is another awesome thing about living on campus. You’ll never be bored – there’s always lots of events happening, so you’ll experience the best of uni life by living on campus.

8. What’s your favourite CSU facility to showcase to new students and why?

The paramedicine facility at our Bathurst campus is amazing. It’s a real-life simulation centre, allowing our students to get hands-on with mannequins in medical emergencies. The mannequins are controlled remotely to act out different scenarios (like heart attacks, seizures, etc.) and the students need to react like it’s an actual emergency. CSU’s state-of-the-art facilities are one of the reasons we have the highest graduate employment rate in the country – because our grads get plenty of real-world, practical experience throughout their degrees.

9. Which CSU social media channel do you use the most to keep up to date with all things CSU?

CSU’s Future Students Facebook page is always filled with interesting content for future students. The CSU Snapchat (CharlesSturtUni) is another way to keep up to date with what’s going on around the uni.

Talk turkey with a Prospective Student Adviser

Want to chat with Melinda (or one of our other Prospective Student Advisers) about your study options at CSU? Too easy! You can book a one-on-one appointment via phone, Skype or in person at the CSU campus of your choice.