Packing for uni: get your essential checklist


We’ve got you covered when you’re having the packing for uni panic attack!

Have you received your offer to study at Charles Sturt University (CSU)?


Accepted your offer?

Good stuff.

Found the right on-campus accommodation for you?

Nice one. (Although if you haven’t yet, don’t worry! Because CSU guarantees a room for every first-year student who wants one.)

Now, the question is:

What goes on the packing for uni list?

You want to be prepared. After all, it’s a big step moving on campus – although a step that will lead to awesome experiences, lifelong friendships and a heap of fun.

So we’ve put together the essential packing for uni list to make sure you arrive on campus with everything you need to hit the ground running. From study stuff to music must-haves, we’ve got you covered.

Want to know what kitchen utensils you’ll need to bring with you? Or the documents that are useful for getting your student admin – and student discounts! – shipshape? You’ll find it here.

Our checklist will help you plan for what you need so that you have everything at hand when it comes to study, socialising and sports.

Get your checklist, tick off the items as you pack, and then get ready for the start of your uni adventure!

Plus, get a head start on uni life

Our packing checklist also includes some useful tips for getting prepped for uni beyond your wardrobe and study set-up.

From getting a jump on your course to securing a sweet travel deal, we’ll give you the heads-up on getting all your ducks in a row for your first day at uni.

For instance, did you know that if you’re studying full-time at CSU, you’re entitled to reduced fares on regional train services, interstate train services and some local buses?

You just need to apply for a concession card.

So get your hands on your checklist – and get sorted!